Government Incentives

Incentives contribute to  your business equity and lower your overall costs.


How incentives we obtained helped a healthcare campus save $20 million dollars.

  • New Market Tax Credits
  • Tax Increment Financing
  • Quality Workforce
  • Sales Tax Rebate
  • State Tax Credits
  • Aerospace Tax Credits
  • R&D Tax Credits
  • Manufacturing Tax Credits
  • CDBG Grants
  • Energy Tax Credits
  • Tax Exempt Bonds
  • Industrial Revenue Bonds

Here are some of the incentives we have obtained for our clients:

Here is an example of a 16 acre healthcare campus we did with a 96,000 square foot building.

You can see what the project would have cost without incentives and what it cost after incentives.

(In $Millions)

Results Summary

The project cost was approx. $60 million dollars. By using Incentives the project received $9 million in cash before construction started that does not have to be repaid. Over the life of the loans of 20 year by obtaining a tax exempt bond the interest savings was $10 million. In total the savings was $20+ million dollars or 40% of the initial project cost.

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Gov. Incentive Equity Cash Paid In resulted from obtaining New Market Tax Credits and then monetizing them.

Tax Exempt Bond was a Recovery Zone Bond, Part of the Build America Bond Program. We finished the Bonds start to finish in 21 days, a national record.

Savings Comparison


Without   With

Note: Formaation is Now Tollefsen LLC.


  1. Is a Government Incentive the same as a Government Grant?
    While both are seen as incentives, they differ greatly. A grant is a competitive process to obtain funds for specific priorities of the Government. Incentives are available all the time and are based upon meeting the qualifications.
  2. How long does it take to obtain incentives?
    Most are readily available upon application, so they are ready when you are. Others have a more complicated qualification process and can take 1-6 months.
  3. Do State offered incentives vary?
    Yes they do.
  4. Do Federal Incentives vary by State?
    Yes when there are special needs in a state like agriculture or oil and gas. For the most part however Federal Incentives are the same across the county.
  5. How much money can I get with incentives?
    It varies with the size and type of your project.
  6. How much can incentives save me?
    Our experience is for any given project they can benefit you by a minimum of 5% of the project size up to 39%. In some cases even over 50% by combining incentives.
  7. Do you have to pay back government incentives?
    Typically no. There are some that are "performance based" whereby you get the incentive as you meet certain guidelines. Even when performance based, you typically do not have to pay them back.
  8. Does my organization qualify for incentives?
    Most do. Call us and we can tell you right away.
  9. Why do I need Tollefsen to obtain incentives?
    You don't. The reason you use us is because we know where they are, the qualifications for getting them, the in-depth applications to complete and the perseverance to get through it all. Incentives are well worth obtaining, however right or wrong, they often require a lot of work.

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