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Mission Statement

Listen carefully to completely understand our clients purpose and mission and use every resource possible to complete their project in a timely, well organized way at a cost that is valuable.

Chuck Tollefsen

Meet Our Director

Chuck is a Tulsa based entrepreneur and through Tollefsen LLC (formerly Formaation) has developed varied companies the last 25 years. He is active in Oil and Gas, Theme parks, Manufacturing, Restaurants, Real Estate, Software, Web Design and other business areas. While developing his software company, “Practix, Software for Healthcare”, they went public. He has done work with the Five Civilized Tribes and worked with many individual Native American Tribes in helping develop their economies. In Florida he planned and arranged a $110 MM financing for a new technology that makes hydrogen fluoride that was later sold to Dupont. His firm developed a $60MM health care campus.

His creative work spans from business branding to theme park design, including the master concept and planning of a $3 Billion theme park . The art in this website is his design.


He was invited by the Irish Development Authority, Dublin, Ireland, to assist with the implementation of software development in concert with Trinity University for the country of Ireland. He received the Gold Achievement award from Junior Achievement national office. He is the past President of the Woolaroc Museum (established by Frank Phillips the founder of Phillips Petroleum Company), Bartlesville, Oklahoma, Tulsa board.

Early in his career he graduated from the Neiman Marcus, Dallas, Texas, Executive Training Program. Mr. Tollefsen graduated from Westminster College, Fulton Missouri in 1977 with a degree in Psychology.

He has 2 daughters Margot (21) and Lexi (23) who are Cherokee Indian.

Tollefsen History

Tollefsen started out in 1986 as Formaation. Transforming and growing in 2012 Formaation became Tollefsen LLC. Tollefsen was originally started by Mr. Chuck Tollefsen to assist other companies in the next stage of business growth. They then, as today, focused on the areas of creativity, financing, government incentives, project strategic planning and  implementation.

Over the years Tollefsen has completed projects in varying fields. Examples are oil and gas, trucking, theme parks, Broadway productions, medical, dental, office equipment, software and more all with the same services. Tollefsen teamed up with business owners and operators to provide the growth functions necessary for a company to start up turnaround or expand.

Tollefsen has earned its reputation by taking on challenging projects that had unique features and requirements. Today and early on companies have struggled with operating their business and trying to expand at the same time. Tollefsen has completed hundreds of projects over the years ranging from single designs and logos to complex multi participant transactions.

About 25 years ago Mr. Tollefsen explains how Tollefsen works together with governments to achieve special projects:

 “When I started I didn’t have any capital to speak of. I wanted to benefit business by helping them utilize government incentives that would lower their costs and help them grow.

While on a project in California I was meeting the USDA in Washington. While walking around the great buildings and institutions of our Nation I realized that if I learned how to work well with our government and its financial benefits, I could grow the business without the need for venture capital or debt. It has worked."

We have completed projects in concert with the Import/Export Bank, Bureau of Indian Affairs, SBA, USDA, Health and Human Services and the Treasury. We always adhere to the spirit of these programs and pass along the program benefits to the business and ultimately their customers which enables them to offer their services to their customers at lower prices while maintaining their quality.

Government incentives and loan programs are essential to our Country’s growth. Every leading Country in the world has them. I am thankful for the good relationship we have we all the different agencies.”

Always with the customer in mind, Tollefsen is endeavoring to reach its most important goal or making a positive difference for companies, individuals and their families.

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